"There's no other drop shipping app as easy to use as Mothership"

Corben Madden, CTO

About eJuices.com

eJuices.com is one of the largest online retailers of vaping liquid and hardware products. Through their Shopify store, they process thousands of orders a day and offers a product assortment of more than 50,000 SKUs.

But as a self-funded company that grew organically, getting to that level of success wasn't easy. "Very early on, we found a ton of products that we wanted to offer our customers. But with limited capital, we were concerned about stocking products that may not have been in demand over the long term," says CEO Billy Wilson. That's when the started to drop ship. "We found that drop shipping was a really great way for us to minimize our risk while still being able to meet our customer's demand for a large selection of products." comments CTO Corben Madden.

The challenges of managing key drop ship vendors

Initially, eJuices.com relied on another solution because they had the luxury of not having to track inventory. If a vendor ran out of a SKU, it was very easy for them to mix up another batch, stick a label on a bottle, and send it out to the customer. But that changed as soon as the company expanded into selling vape devices and hardware. "Unlike the eliquid products we sell, 99% of our hardware products come from China." This means that if a vendor runs out of a product, it will likely be weeks before they receive more inventory from the manufacturer. "It was critical that our drop shipping solution allowed us to keep track of our vendor's inventory." remarks Madden.

That's when they turned to Mothership

Over the past 2 years, eLiquid.com has relied on Mothership to partner with new vendors in order to expand their product assortment and meet the demands of their growing customer base. "Mothership helped us grow by allowing us to create lucrative strategic partnerships with several of our suppliers." says Wilson. With Mothership, eJuices.com imports products from their vendors and then uses the app to keep those products updated with the latest inventory counts and pricing data. "Our inventory numbers are kept in sync with our vendor's automatically. This is really important because it helps ensure that we're not selling something that our vendors don't have available", Madden adds.

Mothership's ability to automatically push orders back to eLiquid.com's vendors has been an equally important part of their success. "When were really started looking at the number of orders we were pushing to our vendors, we were surprised at how we were able to process that level of order volume with such little work on our part." says Corben. Indeed, "We've made over $9 million dollars in additional sales that wouldn't have been possible without using Mothership." Wilson adds. With Mothership's intelligent order routing, orders are sent to the vendor as soon as they're ready to be processed. And when the vendor ships out the order, the tracking numbers flow back to eLiquid.com’s store automatically. "It just works." says Madden. 


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