Source products from other online stores without carrying inventory.

Expand your product assortment, increase your conversion rates, and reduce your overhead with your own private drop shipping network.

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What our clients say about us

Mothership is a game changer.

“Mothership  helped us to expand our business by allowing us to onboard manufacturers into our
sales channels. ”
Josh Whitford
CoFounder / COO
@Yard Mastery

This is something you should explore.

"Using Mothership means your customers stay in one place and complete the shopping experience. Say goodbye to affliate links!"
Tim Reilly

Mothership has saved us so much time.

“I’ve used other drop ship apps, but I don’t think any of them are as simple as Mothership in terms of ease of understanding.”
Alan Suen
Sr. Ecom Manager
@Barstool Sports
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How mothership works

Connect to a supplier and process your first order in 30 minutes or less.
Share Product data

Automated product & inventory data synchronization

Tired of wrangling CSVs and searching through folders full of uncategorized images?
Import product listings: Mothership makes it easy to import your supplier's product data into your online store. Just click the import button and you'll get a new product listing in your store that's ready for show time.
Inventory synchronization: Mothership automatically updates your products with the latest inventory counts from your suppliers so you never oversell.
Send Orders to Suppliers

Next level order routing and fulfillment management

Orders flow to and from your suppliers automatically — Even while you're sleeping.
Route orders back to your suppliers: Mothership sees your incoming orders, parses them out by supplier, and automatically routes them back to the supplier's ecommerce platform.
Fulfillment and tracking notifications: Mothership collects the fulfillment information whenever a supplier sends out an order. We then automatically send it back to your store and make sure your customer receives the tracking information.

Mothership manages all of the details.

Successful drop ship partnerships are more than just passing order data back and forth.

Shipping calculations

Mothership can automatically calculate shipping charges.

We can handle the finances

Mothership can help partners settle up by generating invoices or charging a credit card.

Easy supplier onboarding

Only pay for the emails you send, get unlimited subscribers on all plans.

Simple and fair pricing so you can keep more of your bottom line.

250 orders
1 Partnership
Standard Integrations
Standard integrations
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20 connections
GMV up to 250k
Enhanced partnership controls
Enhanced integrations
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Unlimited connections
Unlimited GMV
Everything in Standard & Basic
Custom Integration option
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We’ve got you covered, 24/7.

Do you charge transaction fees?

No, Mothership does not charge transaction fees. However, you may be charged transaction fees from your payment processor, ecommerce platform, or other service as a normal course of using their service.

Does this cost anything for my suppliers?

Mothership does not cost anything for your suppliers to use it.

What if I need help?

In addition to our extensive support documentation, Mothership has a great support team that is available to help you get connected and answer any questions that come up along the way.

How are you different from your competitors?

Unlike our competition, Mothership does not charge transaction fees. This makes it easier for you to plan out your expenses and keep more of your bottom line.

Furthermore, Mothership has been helping our customers automate their drop shipping operations since 2017. As a result, we've worked with all kinds of customers manage everything from product catalogs with thousands of products to merch drops that sell out in a matter of seconds. You're just not going to find that level of expertise with the other guys.

Lastly, we have one of the most advanced and reliable platforms in the industry. We pride ourselves on the technical flexibility and stability we offer clients. With Mothership, you really can put your drop shipping operations on autopilot.